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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 14:47

Book Review: Accountability Leadership

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, a world authority in successful leadership, notes in his article "The Success Delusion: Why It Can Be So Hard for Successful Leaders to Change" that an effective leader in the past is not necessarily a leader of the future. Times change, technology and the world of commerce continue to evolve and many organisations struggle to keep up with younger, more nimble competitors.


Di Worrall's new digital book "Accountability Leadership: How Great Leaders Build a High Performance Culture of Accountability and Responsibility" provides an enlightened, current, accessible guide to those with leadership influence. The book covers extensive topics in a way that offers clarity and practical advice that will inspire organisational change for success in today's business environment.


The book offers ways to encourage and maximise innovation but explains that ideas alone are not enough. Chapter 1 covers topics such as communications, the importance of building trust as a leader and modelling the type of behaviour that is crucial to effective operational and team performance. Chapter 2 includes the science behind motivating employees towards accountability, and it explains the cultural and psychological dynamics that can destroy morale. Chapter 3 suggests new approaches to motivation strategies that do not rely on ineffective, unequal appraisal and compensatory systems. The last two Chapters provide a step-by-step practical approach to changing a culture of blame into a less anxiety-ridden culture of innovation. How to achieve effective recruitment for accountability provides compelling insight for the HR leader and the small business manager.


Recent case studies are presented and help to deliver the main points, and the result is a concise yet thorough treatment of issues. Di Worrall explains the "dark side" of accountability and describes methods to transform an organisation that finds itself lacking direction and innovation into a forward thinking, operational success. Methods that include transparent policies and procedures, open communication, establishing trust and a recrimination free environment will inspire staff to affect constructive change.


Review by Caroline Banton

Business Writer/Editor


Accountability Leadership is now available for instant download on Amazon Kindle.

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Also, an exclusive bonus for readers of accountability leadership is a 20 minute podcast with million selling author, thought leader and leadership coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. Access a 60 second sample podcast with Marshall at:




Di Worrall: Accountability Leadership: How Great Leaders Build a High Performance Culture of Accountability and Responsibility



Dr. Marshall Goldsmith: The Success Delusion - Why It Can Be So Hard for Successful Leaders to Change


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