Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching
for Guaranteed and Measurable Leadership Growth

"Enabling successful leaders to lead and behave more effectively through positive behaviour change that is sustained, recognised and acknowledged by others"
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    Leadership Change
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  • 95%
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The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching Philosophy

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching (MGSCC):
  • -Enables successful leaders get even better by achieving positive & measurable change in leadership behaviour
  • -Is a system for continuous improvement for leaders and their teams
  • -Offers a no growth no pay guarantee *

What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Executives Today?

One of the biggest challenges faced by executives today is NOT about understanding the practice of leadership. Rather, the biggest challenge is about executives practicing their understanding of leadership in order to build effective processes that drive constructive leadership behaviour for themselves and their organisations.

Tap into a Premier Global Coaching Network

As certified Marshall Goldmith Stakeholder Centred coaches we are part of a premier global coaching network of the highest quality. When you make a commitment to participate in our executive coaching program, you will join an elite group of your peers and their organisations from leading businesses across 20 countries who are enjoying breakthroughs in organisational performance and leadership success as a direct result of participating in this program.

Proven Results

A key success factor behind Stakeholder Centred Coaching is that the process of leadership change shifts from the classroom and into the work environment where stakeholders play a starring role. Stakeholder suggestions for behavioural change, together with their perceptions of the executive's quarterly progress in several predetermined areas, become key components of a leader's path to growth and effectiveness.

The true test of leadership growth is through change that is sustained, recognised and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace. After all, perception is reality.

These principles are borne out in a study of 11,000 business leaders in 6 multinational companies across 4 continents, where it was concluded that 95% of leaders who consistently applied the Stakeholder Centred Coaching process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness. Details of this study can be found in 'Leadership is a Contact Sport'
(Strategy & Business, September 2004).

50% of leaders I have met don't need to learn what to do.
They need to learn what to stop

Peter Drucker(1909 - 2005)

For Business Leaders:
  • -Improve team culture and performance
  • -Strengthen the leadership brand
  • -Open up the opportunity for senior leader advancement by ensuring there is an
    adequate supply of high potential successors
For HR Directors:
  • -Implement a proven leadership coaching process that delivers guaranteed tangible,
    measurable leadership growth
  • -Implement a proven, repeatable leadership growth process
  • -Enhance the HR Value proposition by improving leadership benchstrength
For Leadership Participants:
  • -Determine what it takes to go to the next level
  • -Understand and overcome your current leadership bottlenecks

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder
Centred Coaching Process

Leadership is a contact sport, developed by real time on the job! Marshall Goldsmith

We use a process that is proven to accelerate leadership success through a methodology that is hghly effective and time efficient.

1. Determine 1-2 areas for leadership growth
Using several leadership assessments, the leader selects 1-2 leadership behaviour areas for growth important to the leader and to the organisation.

2. Seek feedforward suggestion from stakeholders
The leader selects stakeholders from amongst their boss, direct reports and peers. Each month, the leaders asks each person for their "feedforward" suggestions on how they may improve their results from the two pre-determinied leadership growth areas.

3. Implement the action plan
Based on the feedforward suggestions, the leader creates a 30-day action plan with the assistance of the coach

4. Make Change Visible
During the month, the leader implements their action plan and demonstrates to the stakeholders through their actions that they are working hard to make change visible and become a more effective leader in the two selected change areas.

5. Review Progress
On a quarterly basis, the coach checks in with stakeholders to review their perceptions of the leader's effectiveness in the 2 areas of leadership growth. The leader reviews the Stakeholder report. This quarterly report becomes a key document that underpins the guarantee of measurable leadership growth for the leader and the organisation.

Who is Marshall Goldsmith?

Dr Marshall Goldsmith has been recently recognised as the #1 leadership thinker in the world and the #7 business thinker in the world at the bi-annual Thinkers 50 ceremony sponsored by the Harvard Business Review.

He is also a million-selling author or editor or 32 books including What Got You Here Won't Get You There - the Wall Street Journal #1 business book and winner of the Harold Longman Award for Business Book of the Year.

Benefits of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching Process

Sustainability of changed leadership behaviours and habits once leaders have been coached for 6-12 months

Stakeholder involvement enables team and organisational cultural change

Time efficient as the leadership growth process is integrated with stakeholder interactions on the job

Measurable perceived leadership effectiveness with a > 95% success rate ROI / ROL >> 100%, payback time < 1 year

Guaranteed Leadership Growth where our quarterly Leadership Growth Progress Review links to the measurement of a leader's growth to our "no growth no pay" guarantee *

Stakeholder Centred Coaching - for
Successful Leaders who are Committed
to even Greater Success

This program works best for leadership behavioural change and performance improvement in senior executives, senior teams and high potentials who are already successful and who are committed to growing their effectiveness in the organisation.

This program is NOT for leader's who
  • -are not committed to personal change
  • -who don't have the right skills or fit for the job
  • -who are on a path to exit the organisation
  • -are heading in a direction which is out of sync with the rest of the organisation
  • -are challenged ethically

Limited Time Offer including the
"No Growth No Pay" Guarantee *

Places are now open for our 12 month executive coaching program. As this program involves a high degree of commitment on the part of the coach and the senior leader, we have an extremely limited number of places available.

Act now and take advantage of our "no growth no pay" guarantee. Given that sustained behavioural change takes time to achieve, only our 12 month executive coaching program offers you the guarantee of no growth, no pay, where 50% fees are paid up front with the final 50% payable at the end of the program as assessed by the leader's boss, direct reports and other key stakeholders.

If you want to improve the practice of leadership personally or in your organisation, you need leverage. A coach can help you gain that leverage, speeding up the learning curve and turning that learning into productive accountable behaviours. Join a growing number of successful leaders and organisational who have engaged a certified Stakeholder Centred Coach in the knowledge that you are aligning your leadership success with a premier global executive coaching brand offering proven, guaranteed and measurable results.

Current Program Limited Vacancies

Click here to enquire now for a confidential discussion to find out if this program is right for you or your organisation

Your Lead Coach – Di Worrall

Di Worrall is the award-winning founder of consulting firm Worrall & Associates, author of the amazon best-seller Accountability Leadership and a certified coach in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching (MGSCC) process. Di is now offering face to face stakeholder centred executive coaching in Sydney.

Di’s coaching centres on ‘accountability that starts at the top.’ She knows that as executives effectively hold themselves, their organisations and people accountable, measurable value is imbued by their leadership. Di’s fresh approach on accountability liberates successful leaders to attain sustainable professional and business transformation.

Using empathy and her keen sense of humour, Di generates a safe, positive environment for leaders to achieve greater awareness of and proficiency in their natural motivation, energy and talent. She helps executives hone and increase ways of modelling high performance and leadership accountability.

With more than 25 years executive and consulting experience in the public and private sectors, Di understands the issues facing medium to large organisations operating in a multi-national business environment. She has walked the same paths and understands the pressures facing high potential leaders. Di’s established track record of success, particularly with business transformation, organisational change and human resources strategy makes Di invaluable as a top executive coach.

Learn more about Di Worrall HERE

Praise for Di Worrall’s best seller "Accountability Leadership"

“In five jam packed chapters (of Accountability Leadership), and with clarity, simplicity and candor, Worrall teaches corporate leaders how to create a culture of accountability within their organizations. She also reminds us of the often disastrous consequences of failing to do so.

Marshall Goldsmith - million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers,
MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

To your leadership success - Di Worrall

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